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Myself, Nadine, and my husband, John started Quantrels back in 1989. Our first Weimaraner was a female named Q. Hence Quantrels. She taught us alot about the breed and we usually enjoyed learning from her. I have shown and bred dogs from a very young age, but as John and myself started our life together we were new to Weimaraners. Our primary interest is showing, and our primary goal is a wonderfully adjusted companion. Although neither of us personally hunt, I have hunting titles on most of my dogs

Since the 1980's  we have been quite successful in the conformation ring.  We have produced Futurity winners and placers, Maturity placers, BISS winners and Group winners and placers. Quantrels Weimaraners have also been ranked in the top 10 for numerous years.

Hunt Tests are alot of fun and can give each owner a chance to see their dog work naturally in the field. We have also worked obedience, agility, and are touching up on Rally.

We feed our dogs a raw, natural diet and although we do immunize they are at a minimum. You can see more about the diet on our BARF page.

Throughout the site you will learn alittle about our dogs, ourselves and our future plans. We hope you enjoy your visit. To begin, follow the links above. Any questions you may have, feel free to e-mail us. We are always happy to talk about our dogs or Weimaraners in general.